Do have what it takes to win this year’s Viking Challenge? See below, contest closes this Thursday Sept. 6th 2018

Hello Viking Nation!


With the start of pro football season right around the corner comes our popular fundraising event, The 2nd Annual Viking Challenge! Some of you were kind enough to participate in our inaugural contest last year, which raised $440 for the team! If every family can recruit just one entry, we’d easily reach our goal of $1000, so your help in sharing the contest with friends/family/co-workers would be terrific! Entry deadline it September 6th, so feel free to jump in as soon as you have a moment to do so!  Most of last year’s participants have already opted back in, so we are off to a great start!!


Here is how it works:


1.      The Viking Challenge is a survivor-type contest held on CBS Sportsline. The rules are very simple: starting in Week 1 of the NFL season, you will pick one team win; if the team you pick wins, you move onto Week 2. If the team you select loses or ties, you are out. The only caveat is this: once you pick a team to win, you can’t pick them again the rest of the season. For example, if you take the Eagles to win in Week 1, you can’t select them again the rest of the contest. The contest will continue until there is just one person left, or until the NFL season is over (which very rarely occurs), at which point we’d have multiple winners.



2.      Joining the contest is very simple…just click on the link below, and it will take you to the CBS website. If you don’t already have a Sportsline login, they will ask you to create one (takes about 1 minute). After that, the webpage is very intuitive, and you should be able to navigate to a tab that says “Make Your Pick”.  



3.      Each week you are still in the contest, you will need to go to the site and make a selection.  You have up until five minutes before the start of the game you wish to select to make your pick. For instance, if you are taking a team that is playing at 1:00PM on Sunday, your pick need to be in by 12:55. If you are taking a team playing at 8:00PM on Sunday night, your pick needs to be in by 7:55…etc. I would suggest not waiting, and making your pick as soon as you figure out who you want to take.


4.      Payment is simple: You can (1) pay cash when I see you at practice pick-up (2) send a check made out to “Dave Brewer” for your entry to the address below, or (3) Paypal it to me at hotelbrewer@hotmail.com.   If you choose to send it via PAYPAL, please make no mention of the payment being for a contest (Paypal doesn’t like that 😊 ). Rather, just put your name in the comment field and I will mark you as paid. If you are sending payment for multiple entries, make sure you note which entries they are. ALL ENTRY FEES MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 6TH, the first night the contest begins.


5.      THE BEST PART: Entry is just $20, with the team keeping 50% of the proceeds collected. If we have 50 people join, the team makes $500, and we award $500 as a prize. Please feel free to invite others….the more people that join, the more the team makes. If you would like to have multiple-entries into the contest, that is perfectly fine….you will just need to create a separate Sportsline login for each entry.


We do quite a few fundraisers throughout the calendar year, and this one requires the least amount of work, and is one that most people enjoy participating in. Most of all, its one that you can pass along to neighbors/family/co-workers/friends…people outside that can help support the team by participating in a fun contest.


Good luck, and please feel free to email me with any questions/comments at my email address below.



Dave Brewer
PVFA Memeber
501 Brighton Road
Collegeville, PA 19426