You can make a difference.



Check out the many positions we have open.  Or email

today to see what is available.  All of the below positions would have the full support of the Board.


 Volunteer Positions

Website Coordinator- Tom Meeley

Weekly maintenance of team website

Fundraising Chairperson -

Lead all fundraising activities for the PVFA.  

Dinner Nights on the Town Coordinator -

Coordinate a monthly Dinner night on the town at local restaurants.

Special Event Planner -

Take the lead in creating and managing any fundraiser tasks.  Depending on the special

event, could be split across multiple people or multiple Planning Groups.  ALL IDEAS WELCOME!!!

Program Designer / Coordinator -

Coordinate the design of the game day programs for each home game.  

Sponsorship Lead -

Coordinate the development of a new tier sponsorship program.  Gather the leads from

previous advertisers and reach out to get renewals and new sponsorships.  

Banquet Planner -FILLED !!! Thanks Stacy

Planning out the 2016 Banquet and running the many individual tasks that make a

successful end of year celebration.

Game Day Coordinator - FILLED!!! Thanks Deb

Create sign-up genius tasks for ALL GAME DAY EVENTS, Varsity and JV.

Senior Night Coordinator -  FILLED !!! Thanks Crisa

Charged with ALL things Senior night!!  Must/Should be an underclassman parent.

Purchasing flowers, gathering Senior player info., working

with the Band and Cheerleading leads for their respective seniors.

Game Day Photographer - FILLED!! Thanks Steve

Game Day photographer on the sidelines.  Expected to take photos and

provide digital access for the players and parents to access.